Art&Craft logga Stor NY

Art & Craft Village™ is a creative retreat for everyone regardless of artistic level or experience. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the pure fun while being spoiled and looked after in Swedish countryside surroundings. These amazing, creative women from Siljansnäs, Dalarna, have come together in this ultimate artist’s paradise to bring you something truly unique.


with Silva Thorsdotter

“Krukan på Mon” welcomes you to a creative haven on the hillside farm, Mon. Involve all your senses and let your inspiration flow in her garden and studio. Silva will introduce you to the world of clay. You will paint on white clay and try the art of pottery wheel throwing with native red clay from Sweden’s largest island, Gotland. Your white clay art-piece will be fired in 1250°C, so you may bring your memento back home on the last day of your stay.

Free Contemporary Embroidery

with Anette Nilsson

Anette Nilsson is a multi-artist. Her stitches roam freely on the fabric, forming miniature flowers and fairy stories. Learn how to make unique handstitching art that you can use for anyting from on a garment to wall art.


with Kirsi Frimansson, SAORI Sakura

Kirsi is a passionate textile artisan and teacher, who has taught students in Europe, Africa and Asia. Now she’s inviting you to her fiber paradise and studio in Siljansnäs. Kirsi has specialized in free hand-weaving and will set you on a journey to discover your hidden creativity with fiber. This half-day workshop will introduce you to the basics of hand weaving and you will complete a piece of cloth made from the heart.


with Linda Axelsson

After a career as a renowned photo journalist traveling the world, Linda today creates art in her own studio.

She has a passion for portraits. She always tells a story in her photos and is a master of catching the soul of her subject.

Learn how to see your photo object in a new light by using the camera on your mobile phone.

Traditional Embroidery

with Jessica Morell

Jessica is a master tailor who specializes in local folk dress and embroidery. She will share with you some of the secrets of “laska” (embroidering) with silk thread.

Baking “Bäkibulla” in a Wood-Fired Oven

with Jessika & Sabina Holding

Baking-sisters Sabina and Jessika Holding will share grandmother Karin’s traditional bread recipe with you. “Bäkibulla” has been made for generations in the region around lake Siljan.

Put on your apron and bake your own flat bread in the old wood-fired oven. Smell the baking bread, feel the heat of fire and taste your own oven warm, fresh bread with Swedish toppings.

Soundscapes & Blueberries

with Livet Nord

Livet Nord is an esteemed violin player, music producer and yoga teacher. The setting is on the top of Siljansnäs mountain Björkberget. Traditional tunes will guide you through the flora and fauna while picking berries in our beautiful landscape. During your stay this “Artist of the Year” will create dazzling musical soundscapes of Siljansnäs, where tradition and innovation meets – something to remember for life.

Little Midsummer Party

After visiting crafts store Leksands Hemslöjd we invite you on the steamboat ride of your life. After enjoying lunch on this old fashioned boat on lake Siljan, you will arrive to a festive afternoon with traditional folk dance and a Little Midsummer party.

Dance instructors in folk costumes will teach you while live music is being played on the long pier. You will enjoy a delicious Swedish smörgåsbord on the pier in a beautiful setting.

Visit Crafts Store “Leksands Hemslöjd”

with Gunilla Tegen

Leksands Hemslöjd (est. 1904) is a crafts store offering local craft items as well as material, tools and literature for everyone interested in Scandinavian crafts. During your visit to Leksands hemslöjd you will get an introduction to local crafts and the Leksand folk costume. You will hear about the materials, history and the use of the Leksand folk costume today. You will also have the opportunity to purchase handmade souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Smörgåsbord – Swedish cuisine

with chef Eva Agge Erkers

Whilst at Art&Craft Village™ Siljansnäs, home cooked meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients are served. All prepared by Eva with a passion for health with the intent of bringing you all the flavours of the local region to the table.